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Learn more about the Love Bugs program and what makes us so special...

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Daily Routine
The daily program of my Love Bugs Family Day Care will promote your child's development. We will encourage creativity of your child, by means of expressing themselves through a wide range of activities, painting, play dough, coloring, singing, musical participation & story time.

Outdoor Activity
Our program also includes a range of outdoor activities which will promote gross motor development for instance ride-­on bikes, cars, climbing equipment, sand play, balls, swings, slides, etc.

Social Skills

​Being part of a small group will also encourage their socialization skills, participating in group activities, gaining enjoyment from being part of that group and building their own self confidence. Some children may be hesitant at first to participate, but with some encouragement they will soon love to join in the fun with the other Love Bugs.


The philosophy of my Love Bugs Family Day Care is simply to provide quality care in a safe, caring, happy environment. Encourage social and physical developmental skills of your child through indoor and outdoor activities.

​I will encourage the personal and social development skills of your child through activities that promote self-­esteem amongst the children, which will enhance their personality, development and mental well-­being. At the same time, I will provide opportunities for them to grow as individuals, at their own pace.

I also encourage the parents to become involved with my Love Bugs Family Day Care by means of offering ideas, suggestions etc.


I am always available to listen to you, regarding any concerns you may have with your Child.